Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bikram yoga - session 3

So I've had 2days "off" since the last session. First day off my leg muscles were incredibly sore and then Christmas day kept me pretty distracted.

Back today. Simon took the class, 6pm session. Ended up sitting for 20 or so minutes in a warmish car beforehand, but decided to go into the room 13 minutes before class started this time. The breathing exercise is still a killer, I'm sure I'm not doing it right. I seem unable to tilt my head backwards without bending my spine and managing to get my elbows together. Always happy when this ends.

This time I think I coped better with the heat, doing most of the standing stuff, apart from when I lost balance and waited til the next move. Lying down I started to suffer a bit from the heat, or just lost my mental state to block it out so well. I only drank about half my water this time in the class. I couldn't do the locus(t?) stuff without having my arms to the side, and doing a full stretch forward over straight toes made me feel ill. So second time round I just laid down for that bit, confusing the teacher as we were supposed to be lying the other way. I also struggled with the backward bend stuff but to be expected with my mega tight hamstrings and lower back.the heat for the first half of the class seemed less overwhelming but maybe i was more focused in my breathing and meditation. I made sure not to eat after 3pm, but didn't hydrate until lunchtime and just before leaving so I think all that water made me feel a bit I'll.

Afterwards my sister asked if it was hotter this time round and seemed to be struggling. So maybe the second class is harder than the first! Driving home I almost collided with a car who was in my blind spot, and head check visibility sucks in our car so despite making a headcheck I didn't see them until I had moved towards that lane. Hope they got a lesson about staying in someone's blind spot. On the freeway the sun glare was awful and an incident on freeway ramp where I cross the bolte bridge brought 2 lanes to a standstill, thankfully I followed the lane closed signs despite lanes not being closed to continue over the west gate.

Home eventually and was feeling kind of awful. I'd had a coconut water straight after class and finished off my water. I had a protein shake when I got home but mentally felt really out of it. Sat watching tv for a bit then heated up last nights leftover casserole. I only ate part of it before deciding my stomach didn't feel awesome. Muscles sore, brain fuzzy and sore stomach. Blegh. Hoping I feel better after a sleep. Home alone and usually don't sleep well when that's the case.

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