Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week 15 & 16 - trying to establish good habits

Monday - home sick with a bad cold, had to cancel on my boxing session

Tuesday - back at work, but no workout, slept badly

Wednesday - Emma and toms Christmas run - 10km around albert park lake. Was really cold and windy. Started at 16 degrees then got colder. Didn't feel like an awesome run with it taking awhile to warm up (we missed the aerobics workout until the pat on the back part), had a sore foot for a lot of the run and then my other leg/thigh hurt for the last 2 kms. But apart from stopping and getting water 3 times (walked a short bit) I ran the whole way and picked up the pace for the finish. Time was something like 60:00:59. Was hoping for 6 min kms and then got sick so was hoping for 6.5 min kms on race day so I beat that :) was nice having running buddies and met an online friend who I'd been chatting to for years :) per race had 2 gatorades which tasted so sugary compared to drinking water! Had lost 700-900grams which I hadn't wanted to lose (morning weigh in)

Thursday - jase didn't go to the gym so I went back to bed.

Friday - cant recall.

Saturday - went for a run along the river but ended up mainly power walking. Had 3 new people come to the group workout so was good to chat about how they were finding the program. Still burnt over 500 calories in just over an hour. Had a few drinks at a friends birthday BBQ - got home and fell asleep. Eventually got dragged out for Thai for dinner. Had a can of lemonade as I was feeling so dehydrated (and lots of water too). First sugary drink in ages (apart from the gatorades).

Sunday - rest day

Monday - went to gym with jase, somehow strained my back/neck. Really must take the time to stretch afterwards too. It tends to be an express workout so we can get home and off to work on time. Headache formed!

Tuesday - no gym for me, neck still niggly. Dinner was out with the round 3 ladies that I've been working out with. Enjoyed a few ciders and mushroom risotto. There were lots of yummy looking desserts but figured I probably shouldn't with the extra cider.

Wednesday - gym in the morning, went light to ensure I didn't injure myself again. No xtraining class for me though, came home and made dinner (gluten free pasta with a cheeky glass of wine). We weren't going to the gym tomorrow as new equipment was getting setup. Gained I think 500g but making up for last week's loss that I didn't want.

Thursday - ended up taking the dogs for a walk whilst temperature was in the mid 20s. Did a few short sprints with yoshi. Boxing session planned for after work.

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