Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bikram yoga - session 2

So I woke up early feeling sore - like I'd done a workout. Sore back in several places, neck, hips and legs. Had a piece of toast with butter and Vegemite with 2.5 hours until bikram. Allowed too much time to drive there and got there an hour before class. At least I got a park in the same place as last time. Bad thing about hydrating is all the bathroom breaks - but at least my Aussie toilets app came in handy! Ended up going to class and into the room 20 mins early. Outside temperature was about 30 degrees. Thinking maybe it would help to spend time just getting used to the heat inside.

Walking in to the room I think I was the 3rd person in the room so I was a bit early. The heat hit me as soon as I walked in - though everyone else I noticed walking into the room had a similar reaction (ie. making a noise of surprise). I got myself settled, did some stretching, moved my mat as the person in front of me was blocking my mirror view perfectly. Class taken by a guy this time. First breathing exercise and I still can't seem to lift my head up and back, without bending my spine - at least the guy explained that if you had a stiff neck you might have trouble with it, and explained it aimed to get you sweating. Sure did. Seems crazy that something so simply as breathing, moving your elbows and head gets you sweating profusely and feels difficult!

I'd like to say that I did better this class and I found the heat better but I didn't. Some of the standing up stuff I didn't do as I either lost balance quickly or was feeling a bit woozy. So I probably did less standing stuff than I did yesterday. Although the guy opened the door maybe 3-4 times as if the room was too hot. So nice feeling a cooling breeze but didn't last long. Was interesting having the guy lead the class although sometimes he'd be like - if your leg isn't straight you haven't started the pose yet. So if I can't straighten my leg I'm doing nothing so I should give up?? At least he tried to give me a slight variation for me for the japanese sitting in your knees with feet out to the side as I think my tight hamstrings were stopping me this time. I also still struggle with locus stuff - for some reason lying in my arms and hands is painful. I was probably more careful with my neck than yesterday but still feeling a bit niggly. I got through my 750ml of water before the class finished. After class I stayed to do some stretching then headed out to the cooler reception. Sat and drank coconut water. Had someone come up to me to tell me i had left all my stuff behind. As i was a little out of it, i looked next to me at my stuff a bit confused. Had a shower complete followed by a bitchy woman who came in and announced that everyone needed to hurry up (so she could shower). She walked out and back in again having another go at people. Eventually one lady walked out and the woman was like you're gorgeous, (pause) with this woman looking at her strangely. Then she goes you're the first person out and was the last in - which is rubbish as the last woman in went into my shower when I was done. But didn't bother pointing that out. Talk about killing the yoga buzz. As tough as it is you still feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards.

After walking back to the car and sitting for a but longer i drove home carefully, feeling a little niggly in my neck, left my water in the boot oops! Tried to keep drinking water after I got home. We ended up riding to highpoint on the motorbike thinking traffic and nightmare would be nightmarish. It so wasn't. So was very warm. High 30s. In highpoint it was still pretty warm so it was like bikram session temperature. But with more walking around.

Some Observations:
- enjoying the eye candy that was in the class
- sweating profusely (hoping that's a good thing), had been hoping I'd be slightly cooler in shorts and crop top but don't think it helped much apart from me seeing if I was engaging my abs
- my hips and legs are feeling worked out/stretched so must be doing something
- I think it was better drinking my coconut water immediately after the class but should have had more water soon
- I still got a bit of a headache that disappeared without drugs this time
- I don't think I coped better with the heat in class 2. Maybe class 3 :)
- I actually remembered a full change of clothes this time yay!! Still feels bizarre putting everything so damp in the washing machine. Was like I'd been swimming in my gear.

Taking a break tomorrow as it would be a struggle to make a lunch I'm going to after class, and I'm pretty sore (but in a good way), so I'll have 2 days off and be back on boxing day!

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