Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 4 - lessons

Blame Game

Stop being a victim and a blamer.  "It's not fair, its not my fault..."

Lurking behind each excuse is the real issue.

Deal with the issues - this takes work.

Organisation, flexibility...

Victims/Blamers are giving all their power to others.  Take it back.  You don't want to feel helpless.

Look at the areas of your life where there is blaming going on.

Be in control of yourself.  Look at the logic behind the results, rather than the emotion.

Remain calm, and in control.

Write down all the excuses - identify the blaming/victimisation that is going on.  Identify when you are giving away your power and control.

Clear the blamer/victim talk, and remove the roadblocks.  Get back in the drivers seat of your life.

Emotions and Willpower

Where there is expectation, disappointment can often follow.

Extreme good or bad scenarios - extreme way to live.  Emotions are like the waves of an ocean.  They rise and they fall.  Ride the wave, knowing that it will eventually be back up.

Often we try to rid or supress our negative emotions - which isn't very helpful in the long term.  Be ok about sometimes feeling bad. The more you try to block it out, the bigger it gets.  There will always be emotions and craving.

Recognise and accept your emotions - know you don't have to eat to make it pass, or try to make it pass.  It will eventually subside.  Accept that its there and try not to suppress or get rid of it.  The less troublesome it will be.

Understand the outcomes before they occur.

Instead of eating something to feel better, go for a run.

Willpower muscle.  Train it to get stronger.  Take back your power.  It will weaken if you stop your training. But you could potentially weaken your willpower too.  Overuse is bad.  Make your new habits - habits, instead of draw on your willpower.  Be consistent.

Gift of health and fitness - that you give yourself.  You have to nurture it every day.  Don't let the treats slowly sneak back in.

Be consistent and lay down habits.  Make it automatic reflex instead of having the flex your willpower muscle.

1. Let go of the good/bad conversation.  Become more aware of the meaning/emotion you are attaching  to your thoughts.  Look at what the reality is.  Fact vs fiction.  Labelling your thoughts as good and bad.  Get bogged down in the story of it all.  Stop passing judgement.

2. Remember the wave of emotions.  They will rise and fall.  Ride the wave instead of fighting it.

3. Flex that willpower muscle, so that whilst riding the wave, you don't fall off the surfboard.

Get your mind sorted, and your body will follow.

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