Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 9 - lessons

Tighten Up Tuesdays
- reset your daily routine
- refocus on your goals and snap back into the healthy habits
- wholegrain bread & cereals, no calorie dense food.  Fresh, wholefood options with little processing
- caffeine free, sugar free, artificial sweetner free, alcohol free, chocolate free
- water and herbal tea are your only drink options
- give your exercise 110% today
- no reward or treat, apart from knowing you did a great job
- set your goals, and work out what you need to do to achieve them.  Revisit or update your goals
- get to bed early, and get an extra hour's sleep

Pay Offs and Costs
Answer these questions:
  1. What are your goals. Why did you join or return to the program?
  2. What is the payoff for you if you achieve your goal or goals?
  3. What is the cost to you in order to achieve your goals?
  4. What is your payoff if you don't achieve your goals? (eg. get to sleep in, don't have to exercise, can eat whatever I want, take no accountability)
  5. What is your cost if you don't achieve your goals? (Sickness, lack of energy, angry, depressed, early death)
Which answers are you most fearful of?  Which statements hit you the hardest?

The #5. costs considerably outweigh #3. costs.

Consider the payoffs (2. and 4.)
Answers to #4 seem easy and comfortable?  They will come at a cost, are you willing to pay the costs?

Imagine your life achieving your goal.  Look back with pride, look at what you can do having achieved your goals.  Payoffs for not achieving your goal appear as a rip off (inner teenager). You're an adult with responsibility. At what point are you going to be grown up about your health? This really important part of your life.

Short term payoffs vs the long term costs.

Be clear on what you have to lose.

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