Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 10 - lessons

Surviving in the real world

- How badly do you want it? Cost vs consequences
- Are you truly accepting responsibility for your thoughts and actions? Or are you still playing the blame game/victim mentality
- Have a clear goal to work towards.  Successful people know exactly what they want, pretty much all the time
- Self belief & self worth (achievements will boost this)
- Look for the cracks in your everyday choices.  Look for internal justification coming in.  Angel vs
devil on your shoulder
- Why are you using food as fun and spontaneity?  Doesn't use alcohol as a crutch for fun or confidence.
- Watch your weight. When you deviate 2kg from your goal weight - time for the warning bells. Do an audit on your nutrition and exercise.  Time to reign it back in.  Start a food journal, reduce the number of nights you eat out, and drink alcohol.  Or be pedantic about what you order at restaurants.
- Make sure your new habits are supporting and not hindering you
- To deeply ingrain, follow for 2 years


  • We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for
  • Identify the cracks when they appear
  • Those little decisions you make every day have the biggest impact.

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