Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 8 lessons

Support and Sabotage
- don't be a victim and don't play the blame game
- don't let others destroy what you have achieved

Identify your saboteurs
- they see it as something being taken away from them - what are they losing by you gaining?
- stir up their feelings of guilt, frustrations

By you succeeding what are they losing?

Put your intentions on those you are onboard and supporting you all the way.

Support & positivity.  Truly excited by your goals, offer love and encouragement, genuinely want to see you achieve your goals.

Why do we get our back up when people suggest things to avoid?  Self-sabotage.

There will always be saboteurs - its up to you how you react to these people.  Your responsibility is key to what happens next.


You have the ability to respond in any way you choose.  You can respond by giving them power, or by giving you power.

Be true to you.  You don't have to convince others - this can be a drain on your energy.

  1. Have faith in yourself, and your journey.  It's your response that can empower you or dis-empower you.
  2. Identify the intentions of your saboteurs (resentment, or indifference).  
  3. Don' fuel the fire, don't antagonise or try to change their mind.  They're entitled to their opinion and you to yours
  4. Don't be a saboteur to someone else (don't force your beliefs onto someone who doesn't want to know about it, or aren't ready for it).  You can't want it for someone else.
  5. Nurture your supporters.  Your well of inspiration and they will be there when you need them.

Do this program from a place of love not for revenge or out of frustration.

Eating Out
- 1 tablespoon of oil can = 100 calories
- eat like a sparrow
- share plates with people or eat an entree

Rules to follow:
1. never go out starving
2. have your afternoon snack a little later in the day, and is more filling (eg. yoghurt, protein shake)
3. always say no to the bread.
4. where possible view the menu online, and preplan your choices

Better choices
- Italian: never choose pasta, especially a creamy sauce.  choose a thin crust pizza, 50% or more of vegetables, or protein based meal (steamed/grilled rather than oven baked)
- Chinese: go slow on the rice, no on the fried stuff.  Stir fries can be better by be careful on sauces and nuts
- Indian: try sharing a few dishes so some of them contain vegetables.  Be mindful of the bread and rice you eat.  Put everything you plan to eat on your dish at once, and don't go back for more.  You can better guage
- Thai: curry is full of fat.  Green/Red contain coconut cream/milk - is the bad fat. Opt for salad or a soup.
- Ask for mixed vegetables or a salad instead of the roasted vegetables. Sometimes they are deep fried.
- Plate: 25% protein, 25% carbohydrates, 50% vegetables or salads (with minimal sauce/dressings)
- Holidays: have a decent breakfast, choose to have either a light dinner or lunch.  Steamed food is often the best choice.

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