Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 3 & 4 recap

Week 3
Mon: made the 5:30 pm bikram class
Tues: opted for making a roast chicken dinner instead of evening bikram. Had a work conference so couldn't go to the am class.
Wed: went to 7:30 pm bikram class. Best class so far, didn't take any rests! Not sure if it was because there was lots of newcomers to the class or if I was just in the right physical and mental state.
Thursday: went to 6am bikram class. Had a very ordinary class, I think it's too tough to do a late class and then an early class. Was really sleepy for the rest of the day and ate lots of crappy food as I didn't feel like proper breakfast.
Friday: no bikram. Coughing lots though.
Saturday and Sunday: no bikram. Saturday had a birthday party to go to which overlapped with yoga. Saw a 10:20pm movie on Saturday night so was in bed around 1am, couldn't get to sleep for awhile. Woke up early before going back to sleep so was super tired when I woke up at 9:30am so didn't even try to make the 10am class.

Week 4
Mon: made the 5:30 pm bikram class but felt tired during and after class. Took a break in standing head to knee (side) pose as was feeling a bit ill. Had slept awfully.
Tues: didn't go to bikram class - didn't go to bed until 10:30 Monday night and back was really sore.
Wed: 5:30 pm bikram, felt incredibly tired. Was told I was probably lacking in electrolytes, probably true as I hadn't been having them at work. Guess the post workout coconut water wasn't enough.
Thursday: 6am bikram, felt bit better having dosed up on electrolytes, but still stiff! Can't wait until I can just do morning classes.
Friday: no bikram
Saturday: was thinking of doing bikram but decided breakfast appealed more! Hope the new timetable has classes on the weekend before 10am
Sunday: lazy day!

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