Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 5 & 6 (gone downhill)

Monday: went and did bikram, got a little over enthusiastic and strained my lower back ( think I overdid the lumbar workout part on the floor).
Either Wednesday or Thursday I tried going back to yoga but halfway through my back was sore, even though I was taking it super easy.

Long weekend - dogs got walked everyday!

And then no exercise for the rest of the week, unless taking the dogs to Brighton beach dog park counts, I had to keep wandering after bear who twice ran after big dogs into deep water and disappeared before bobbing up and swimming back. Made me super nervous as he is pretty fearless!! At least he could swim though. Yoshi was good and didnt get into any mischief.

New week, trying to get back on track.

Monday: went to body combat but it was a special launch night so they did 30 minute classes, so I got about 20 minutes of combat thanks to previous class running over and 30 minutes of pump. The new pump is either super hard or I'm just super unfit!!

Tuesday: didn't get up for bikram as I went to bed late and didn't sleep well. Also couldn't do a class at night as I had groceries being delivered. At least there's now food in the house.

Wednesday: managed to get up early to get to work in time for me to leave early (ie. needed to be there early). Last minute build breakage and frantically got it fixed (I hope) before dashing off to yoga. New teacher who I didn't really dig, and a noisy mouth breather behind me -  didn't go too hard, but did most things. Went easy on the back bending and lumbar stuff. Also didn't put much effort into triangle pose. My arms felt so tired from Monday nights effort still!

Thursday: pump 6:30pm, found it slightly easier tonight without 30 minutes of combat beforehand, but struggled on the bicep track then ran out of steam on the shoulder and tricep tracks, only rested a couple of times. Had a fill in teacher who didn't correct the new girl in front of me who didn't know good form, so squats, lunges, rows and deadliest all not right technique and then used wide elbows on the tricep track which doesn't isolate the triceps? Hope she goes back next week and I can give her some pointers. Was too hard during the class but I'd helped her set up and kept telling her what weight to try. After class everything is achey!! Legs and arms felt sore/tired during the day I assume from bikram.

Friday: nada
Same I think for the rest of the weekend.. I keep leaving posts in draft mode oops :)

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