Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stomach bug strikes..

Or something like that. Lost track of weeks a bit.

Last week I was going to go to combat but got home and i was cold, wet and tired thanks to a rainy ride home. Decided I had to do bikram on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning woke up feeling a little dodgy. Didn't eat awesomely over the weekend as we were away and ate lots of junk food as places weren't open or too full..l started yoga and felt ill, skipped a lot of positions just trying to get through the class without having to leave. Continued feeling nauseous during the week. Friday headed to dr, who suggested i go home and eat prunes to clean anything bad out of my system. Yeah that made me feel worse. He did however give me a script for nausea tablets yay!

Sunday was a bikram master class so off I went for 3 hrs in a slightly cooler room to be inspired by Luke. Great class and I didn't feel ill during it though needed a few rests as it went for so long.

Monday was debating about going to boxing as that just started up a the gym, but stiffened up during the day and felt headachey. Then ran late leaving work. Made the mistake of drinking wine with dinner.

Tuesday 5:10am up and off to bikram I went. Full timetable now running, still not 100% sure what routine I'm aiming for. I thought I'd try the 4 weekday mornings but was in serious strugglesville during class. Had dry mouth so think I was dehydrated.. Also had sore legs and arms from Sunday! So I didn't do all the sets. Didn't really want to go back ever again (probably a good thing I bought so much time in advance). Had a staminade -way too sugary for so early. Later in the day I alternated between feeling tired and feeling good.  I did feel like I'd had a workout and was good knowing I had completed my workout for the day. Sore though so going to aim to get to the boxing class on Wednesday night.

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