Monday, July 29, 2013

New Goal Set

I decided I needed something to get me motivated again.  Bikram Yoga has dropped off (especially after I managed to fall and bruise my knee so badly that I couldn't kneel on it for 2 weeks).  I have probably 2 weeks left so I need to at least go back a few times to feel my money wasn't wasted!  I just don't get excited about going to it though.

So my new goal: The 2013 Yarra Valley Water Grape Run - 13km.  I apparently have 46 days so lets see if I can formulate and stick to a training plan.  

(hopefully I won't be like the people up the back of this picture who don't appear to be running :))

I was good and did a 4.3km run on Saturday, despite the fact that it was freezing.  Ended up finding Jase out walking the dogs so I jogged the last km with my puggle Yoshi (who isn't a very good pacer).  Ended up doing an average of 6'30 pace which I was ok with.  I had a mega-stitch part way through but I did run in the middle of the afternoon and didn't eat/drink in preparation for running.

Plan for this week:

Monday - run (5-6km)
Tuesday - bikram yoga
Wednesday - boxing
Thursday - run (5-6km)
Friday - bikram yoga
* though I might switch Thursday & Friday around depending on how I feel.
Saturday - running club around the Tan
Sunday - relax (if I felt keen I could do a boxing session in the morning)

Might look at some running plans so I can see what distance I should be running

I'd like to be doing 3 sessions of Bikram a week, but find it too annoying to spend 7:30-10 doing yoga (and travel) on the weekend, and they don't have a Monday morning session. I'm sure if I really wanted to do 3 sessions I'd make it happen but at this stage not planning on it.

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