Thursday, May 9, 2013

12WBT finale! (a bit overdue as I was going to put in photos but its getting super late)

Group Workout time!

So the group workout was held at the stadium at Albert Park Lake.  A few of the girls from the local group headed off to the Timed Run that was happening nearby (and seems to happen before each end of round workout).  I didn't as I figured the day would be long enough as it was and was still nursing a sore back.   It was also FREEZING with spots of rain.

The group workout session included a stage where they were running fitness challenges in groups of 4, mini challenges, the best dressed prize, a coffee stand, sponsor tents, and the group workout.  There seemed to be a distinct lack of food - apart from the protein bars you could buy, and the samples from the George Foreman tent. By 12:30 when we left I was STARVING!!!  Didn't help an insomniac night had meant my plan of having a big breakfast turning into a banana smoothie before racing out the door.

So we checked out the sponsor stands, I liked the protein bars they had, especially the mint and chocolate mini bar.  Though it seemed expensive.  3 bars for $5 (they were tiny, but maybe they were seriously packed full of protein :)).

The fitness challenges were kinda cool.  4 people at a time got given a certain amount of stuff to get through and whoever finished first went through to the final.  This meant that technique went out the window a lot, but it was stuff like plyometric lunge where your back knee had to touch the ground, pushups with lifting hands off the ground (when on the ground), some jump squat/burpee type stuff, situps, knees open hands must touch the ground above your head when you went back.  One girl was so in love with Mish that she hugged her from the side then wouldn't let go.  Mish was funny with it though (as in in a good way), saying she might have to adopt her. For 2 rounds we secured a spot near the stage and it was so nice and warm! So that kind of meant we stuck around there.

I would have liked (now) to have done the mini fitness challenges, and potentially the DEXA scan. This was the first exercise I'd done in about 6 weeks though due to holiday, getting sick with a virus, then a buggered back.

The group workout was fun, hard work. I didn't do all the ground stuff as the ground was wet, but I did some of it.  I also did a lot of the lower impact options but still felt buggered.  Burnt about 600 calories for the hour workout and the 20 minute wait and photo opportunity that followed (forgot to turn off my monitor :)) The photo opp was groups of 10 or more queuing up with people fighting their way to the front to get the group up on stage. We got 2 photos before being ushered off the stage. There was a rush to get prime position next to mish.  Unfortunately no indication was given as to when to look at each camera but in one of the photos I was looking the right way!!

Had my hair and make up done by my friend Natalia one of the original transformer group members. She did an awesome job!! Then home to find stockings, shoes and a handbag! Picked up by Paula and her sister to head to crown palladium. The night was fun. They had buffets of food set up from the time they opened the door, including awesome lamb chops. They had a popcorn maker with no butter or salt so I gave away half my packet. Paula's friend was getting us drinks, taking away our dirty plates and holding drinks and jackets whilst we had photos taken. He rocked!!

There was the official photo wall, green screen where they superimposed mish into the photo, photo booth with props. I missed the presentations as was waiting for our group to get a photo taken, and spent way too long queuing for the green screen photo and enjoying a seat. By the time I went to find other people they had disappeared. Music was good and enjoyed a bit of dancing after the alcohol got cut off. We left about 11 when the music started getting unrecognisable.  So the only thing I'd change was trying to find other people earlier, but I still had a great time even though I didn't catch up with everyone. I also paid little attention to the photos they were projecting so not sure if our group made an appearance or not. Glad I stuck with 1 champagne and 2 red wines. No hangover for me :)

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