Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back to Bikram

So a new Bikram place opened up in Yarraville.

Managed to find them on Facebook before their opening weekend and got one of their opening special packages.  They had an opening weekend with cupcakes and opportunity to win gear - didn't end up making it as the Saturday was 12wbt finale day, and Sunday morning I woke up super early then back to sleep, so by the time my alarm went off to the 10am class I was just too tired and went back to sleep.

Managed to convince a friend to sign up with me although she's only doing the 10 day trial.  It helps knowing someone else would be there, as otherwise I would have postponed starting it.  Although it's hard to chat after class as I'm usually so out of it!!

Day 1 & Day 2 apparently the temperature was lower than it was supposed to be due to building issues.  Still felt really hot. I'm finding it hard to find a good pattern of classes to attend.  At the moment going to a 7:30pm class and the next morning I'm back for a 6:00am class.  Which means I get home at 9:30pm and feel rushed to eat, drink, shower and sleep whilst setting my alarm for 5:10am the next morning. Day 3 the temperature was correct and it really hit you when you walked in the room.  I struggled with the heat and felt a bit dazed at the end of the class (which for me isn't unusual - but the heat was even more of  a challenge during the class).  Day 4 and it seemed to be more like the first few days heat, so whilst I'd like to think I was getting used to the heat I'm thinking that because it wasn't following on from another class that it wasn't as hot as the night before.  Getting used to hearing the commentary of the yoga moves and technique, so that you are reminded on what to focus on even though the teacher isn't doing anything.  Both teachers gave me small corrections too during class so that was helpful.

It's a bizarre kind of class. I tend to get distracted from the heat and don't really feel like I've worked out but my muscles are all really sore. Especially my legs, back, and today shoulders. Plus the more sessions I do, there are some moves which are getting better, and some (like sitting on my knees and feet straight back) I don't feel I'm making any progress at all. Today I had really bad balance, so probably wasn't locking out my standing leg enough.  I also go through waves of mentally being pumped for the class, then hit the point where I don't really want to be in the room any more.  Today I was starving when I got out of class, previously I hadn't felt that hungry.  Reading back on last year's attendance of Bikram it seems I usually felt ill after class.  So was good today that I felt good.  Although straight after the class felt bit crappy and out of it, then had a bit of a high, then back to feeling crappy..

Tomorrow is a day of rest - yippee!! No classes suit when I can go.  Then I think I'll try to attend the 10am class on Saturday morning and no class on Sunday as I'm running in the Mother's Day Classic.  Still have to see if I can fit in a short run on Friday.  I'm not sure what routine I'm going to settle into for Bikram - but for now am trying to go as much as possible and see if it helps my back and improves my strength.

Here's the poses of Bikram Yoga. I find them inspiring but not sure my computer job body will get to that flexibility any time soon :)

The Yarraville Bikram yoga place is here:

It's been interesting going to a new place, as some classes there's almost no one in the front row.  Plus there isn't the culture of don't talk in the room (before and after the session).  So you can pick the new people.  Sometimes its good seeing other people sitting down, but other times it is distracting when people aren't coping with the heat (like last night).  Liking the teachers though :)

Update - so today is my day of rest and I'm pretty sure I need it.  Can't recall how I slept but I dreamt that I woke up and turned off my alarm, then woke up and found that my alarm hadn't gone off yet.  I was really tired and my lower back is a bit twingy.  It already feels odd not to be heading to a bikram class today - maybe I have the bikram bug already??

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