Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week 1 & 2 recap

So I've signed up for 3 months of bikram thanks to a new studio opening nearby. 

Week 1 looked like this:

Monday pm: bikram
Tuesday am: bikram (up at 5:10am!!)
Wednesday pm: bikram
Thursday am: up crazy early again for bikram
Friday: rest (no class suited, part relief but part feeling odd :))
Saturday am: bikram, afternoon of arbonne involving nibbles and sparkling Shiraz.
Sunday am: mothers day classic. 8km run at 52mins. Not bad given I can't remember when I last ran. I did walk 1.5 times Anderson st hill, and a little bit of a smaller hill on the 2nd lap but was happy with my effort.

Week 2 not so good:

Monday pm: bikram (jase cooked dinner - yay!). Had sore throat in the morning.
Tuesday: turned off my alarm about 4:45am after waking up at 3am, opting for more sleep instead of yoga. During day nose started running, in the evening spent an hour doing cardio tennis. Think I strained my neck.
Wednesday: sick but went to work. Neck came good overnight thankfully.
Thursday: sick stayed home to rest.
Friday: sick with major headache. Went to dr to be told it was viral, eventually bought mersyndol and felt a lot better after taking one. 1.5km walk to pick up the car with the dogs. Slept heaps.
Saturday am: bikram, lunch out then lots of watching Telly with the dogs.
Sunday am: bikram then ate wayyy too much at a local tapas place!

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