Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 5 - lessons

Self Sabotage

Self sabotage vs lack of pre-empting or poor planning.

Self sabotage is unthinkingly doing something to punish yourself.  Ugly internal dialect.  You don't deserve it, you're not good enough.  This is different to being disorganised.

Honest realisation is the first step.

Tasks that we are most resistant to completing - these are the ones we learn the biggest lessons from.

You either continue down the same path - or you make changes.  The choices you make have implications attached to them.  A certain size, fitness level.  Choose to do something about your health, fitness, size and go about what you need to - to change it.

Don't say you will if you no you probably won't.  Be honest.  Free yourself from the torment - go one way or the other.  Do it with love.  Freely decide which way you want to go.

Injury and Exercise

Sedentary activity is like plaque on your teeth.  You got to work on it, keep chipping away from it - otherwise leads to back pain.

1. Start small, and work towards it.
2. Warm up and cool down properly
3. Seek advice.  If you're not sure - ask a question.

Running tips:
- shoes
- surface
- style

Foam rollers are good for "niggles" - improving blood flow. Speed up recovery.

Make sure you stretch - to improve flexiiblity.  Dynamic before and static after.

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