Friday, October 11, 2013

AntiGravity Yoga!

Recently I organised a hen's day for a friend, and the common vote was to go try Anti gravity yoga.

I watched only the one video - so didn't really expect that we'd be hanging upside so soon in the class. I think I expected more standing stuff incorporating the hammock, or flying/seated type stuff.

So first class I struggled being upside down.  Here I am refusing to let go!

Here's my friend, looking a lot more relaxed (and giving the thumbs up)

The handstand thing I could do though!

So I went back a second time and I was definately better about hanging upside down.  This time I wasn't one of the people who weren't allowed to do moves on their own - unlike my first class :)  Although there was one girl the second time who was supposed to wait for her, who tried the lean back, lift your legs up and hook them around the hammock on her own.  Another class person spotted her and yelled something out as she had one leg hooked around the hammock and was hanging very precariously!!

The teacher has to be really patient as its easy to miss a queue and suddenly you realise the teacher is repeating the same information again and again because you've missed out on doing something.  Like supposed to be having your toes a couple of inches off the ground.  Totally thought I'd done that but when I looked they weren't anywhere near the ground :)

One thing I didn't love was how close you are to your neighbour.  The girl to one side of me was doing more advanced stuff so at one stage I had her foot cms away from my face, and I also had a girl directly in front of me.  Thankfully before doing the flying move the teacher moved her over, but I had to be careful with anything where I was stretching forward that she'd already moved forward.  Would have been nice not to worry about it.  But everyone in the class was really nice.

I went along with a slight headache and in agony lower back and leg pain (been getting a sciatica type pain).  Afterwards I kind of felt floaty and tired.  I was really sore in my legs and back and had a headache so had a bath and went to bed.  Today I still have the headache (pretty sure I must have tensed and strained my neck) but the lower back and leg pain is largely gone.  So I'm still debating about going back and booking in for a series of 4 classes.  I really don't want to be in agony after a class, and its hard to tell if I strained my neck doing the shoulder stand (which I don't feel like I'm doing right) or it was a general tensing.  You have enough to worry about in the class without having to remember to not tense up!! :)   I felt good after my first class though so maybe I was just more tense yesterday or trying more stuff.

Location 106 Leicester st Fitzroy 3065, Vibes Fitness.

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