Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 4 - started off good!

So I'm a bit behind this week.  Didn't get washing, grocery shopping, food planning done over the weekend. I was going to order internet groceries but I'm not sure what night I'd be home to accept a delivery so at this stage hoping to hit up the market on Tuesday and make do with what meat is in the freezer.

Chobani strawberry yoghurt (the smaller size tub)
Boiled Egg
Quakers Nut Bar
Leftover chicken and mushroom stirfry with vermicelli noodles.
8 Grapes
Peppermint Tea

Body Combat 7:30PM
OMG Why does this guy keep focusing on shoulders lol. I really struggle with all the cardio - I think he's doing a really customised version of a body combat program so it seems pretty hardcore - all high energy stuff.  Unless I've forgotten what classes used to be like :)

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits
Small Mocha
Uncle Toby's Oat Slice bar
Leftover pasta bolognese
Chobani passionfruit yoghurt

I managed to say no to the 4 easter eggs put down on my desk though :)

Boxing in the park 6:30 PM
(managed to do an ad hoc workout based on a bunch of printed out workouts after meeting ran late - glad we didn't cancel). Maybe only 243 calories burnt but we got a really good arm/shoulder workout.

Dinner was Asian style turkey rissoles and noodles.  I thought it was yummy.  Turkey mince, zucchini, onion, garlic, oyster sauce, rolled in breadcrumbs and served with noodles and bok choy.  Jase thought it just tasted like meat and noodles.. so he gave it the thumbs down.
Was bad and had a mars bar ice cream.  I would have been happy with a bite, maybe, but I got a whole one and I ate it.  Tasted so good.


Morning: Go for another run
(didn't happen - slept terribly and woke up with a headache)

Chobani strawberry yoghurt
6 grapes
Quakers chewy oats bar
Leftover Asian style rissoles and noodles

Pretty much melted on the way home on the scooter so didn't go for a run.

Chicken and vegetable stir fry with rice vermicelli and hoisin sauce.
Mars bar ice cream.


Was going to go for a run this morning but late Wednesday night managed to trip over the cat stand and stub my little toe really badly drawing blood!  So hobbling at the moment.

Someone had been given a sample pack of cereal at the station so I grabbed that and had breakfast - woohoo!! Was actually really tasty once you got past how odd the bits looked.

I think Quakers bar (chewy oats)
Uncle Tobys Apple bar
Chobani passionfruit yoghurt
Pasta bolognese with high fibre pasta
Jam donut from the market truck (was a not very good excuse for getting outside briefly as had a lunchtime meeting)

Pho evening with Alison - glass of sparkling moscato, 1 bowl spicy beef stew with white roll, 1 combo chicken & beef pho, 1 bowl chicken pho, 1 drink with coconut milk and jelly stuff.


Chobani strawberry yoghurt
Mini chocolate croissant, Mini muffin with sultanas
Chucked out my chicken stir fry lunch as it tasted really blegh from the microwave
Ate a spicey lamb borek, and got a raspberry ripe smoothie
Mars Bar ice cream

Planned Pilates 6:30PM
I was so hot and bothered by the time I got home - that I just sat in air conditioned comfort. For dinner we ended up going to a winery - and were their only customers (as everyone had finished).  But they were nice enough to keep the kitchen open for us and kept coming over the chat and share their life story.  Ate too much:

- Tasting plate full of things like arancini balls, spinach balls, meatball, oyster, eggplant, potato ball.. tasty but was pretty full after this
- entree sized pasta which was chicken and cheese filled big kinda ravioli type things (can't recall the name of them)
- glass of sparkling moscato


Corn Cakes with Salsa
Half of a hawaiian pizza from Gusto
Glass of pinot noir I think
Leftover bolognese that I found in the freezer
1 piece of garlic bread



Run 10km - as part of the grand prix run, I really enjoyed it as the crowd spread out so you had your space to run it, but it was super hot with 33 I think forecast.  We ran at 9am and by 5km I was really tired and had a stitch.  By 7km I'd gotten rid of my stitch but was doing walking stints.  So glad they had water stations every km it seemed.  I used them to try to cool down for the second half of the race.  From the water station after the 9km mark I got running again, but at a slow pace.  I had a couple of people pass me and I decided not to contend, but then I got closer to the finish line and had a couple of spectators support me with comments like "awesome effort" and I got the lift I needed to stretch out my legs and pick up the pace.  I think I was running a 3:15 pace over the finish line, and overtook about 4 people - so I'm happy about that.  Overall I got 1:02:15 which I was a little bummed about - wanting to do it in an hour, but I hadn't run for a week and had only done 2 training runs of that distance before that so I can't really complain :)

Food wise:
Banana smoothie with almond milk
Gatorade x a few
Small pack of assorted jelly beans (from the fun run)
Mushroom Omelette on wholegrain toast (only ate half the toast)
Chocolate milkshake
Coconut water
1/3 Pringles can (by this stage I had a killer headache -ttotm)

Dinner was out at Bok Choy Tang - atmosphere was a casual family restaurant so wasn't really to our liking

2 x duck spring rolls
Some sechzuan chicken
1 piece x beijing duck (like peking duck but different sauce)
Some grilled garlic king prawns
Special Fried Rice
Deep Fried Flaming Ice Cream
Glass of Pinot Noir

Long weekend and my eating didn't really improve.


Breakfast bun (with bacon, tomato, avocado, fried egg)
Burrito Bowl with Spicy Pork slow cooked meat, black beans, guacamole, cheese, salsa and white rice
Powerade (still had a headache)

As the burrito bowl was at like 4:30pm I didn't really feel like dinner.  I was going to go to Body Combat once I heard it was still on, but checked at the last minute and it had been cancelled :(  Was bad and bought a take home pint of ben & jerrys so I had half of that for dinner. :)

Time to get back on the healthy eating wagon.... and I still haven't caught up on the videos from the site.  Time spent in front of the computer at home last week was trying to decide on the last details of our holiday... but I need to sit down and catch up.

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