Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 3 - how it went...

One of my hurdles to healthy eating for a week is planning out a weeks' worth of food.  It just seems like it's so much effort.  So on Sunday afternoon before going to the supermarket I was sitting there feeling a bit meh about the meal plan for the week, trying to figure out what I wanted to eat for the week and so I didn't really plan out my meals.  I had to go down the street to buy crickets for my bearded dragon and doing that I decided to do a small grocery shop and just order my main groceries online. I was feeling seriously tired - lack of sleep, and hours trying to trim trees with a heavy tree trimmer.

Meals I can make:
- curried sausages (Sunday night)
- chicken tacos (as I still have some taco mix from last week as I'd accidentally bought a family pack that thankfully contained 2x everything (apart from guacamole spice) rather than just having everything bigger.
- lamb rogan josh (forgot the natural yoghurt that goes with it)
- beef mince for what was going to be shepherds pie but I'm missing carrot, onion, celery
- chicken.  Could be paprika chicken with sweet potato wedges, or it might be stir fry (but I'm lacking vegetables for that)

Meals (out) already organised:
- Tuesday lunch with a friend
- Friday lunch with work team
- Friday night dinner with the 12wbt nw crew

Plan: Print out L&S workout 1 from week 1.  Go to gym by getting up at 6am. Lunch pizza.  Dinner tacos or lamb rogan josh.
Actual: Alarm set for 6am, which I switched off as I wanted to go back to being asleep. I *think* I slept a little better but still woke up in the middle of the night asking for the aircon to be turned off as I was freezing. Breakfast was boiled egg and vegemite toast, Lunch was leftover pizza slices from Saturday night (made the mistake of putting glad wrap on it, which then melted.  I had thought it was attached to itself, but no there were bits of it on the pizza.  As I only noticed on slice 2 I'm wondering if I actually ate some on slice 1 :(  Whilst I had planned to be good about not eating sugar I ate the cadbury sensations bar I had stashed in my drawer (thanks to the "buy an extra 1 for $1" at 7-11 the other day). Work stressful with someone resigning and another person off with his wife having a baby - design documents they're both working on needed by Wednesday. I feel a bit useless as I don't have great knowledge of the area being touched.

Plan: Pilates 9:30PM
Actual: Pilates 9:30PM
Work got stressy as I got given the design to do with little knowledge.  Lunch with my friend got cancelled, got some steamed dumplings instead.  They never used to give you any sauce, now I got Soy Vinegar, Soy Sauce and Soy with chilli! Dinner Lamb rogan josh.  As a plus I got time to go the market to get some vegies for the week.

Plan: Get up go for a run
Actual: After work went for a 9-10km run in just over an hour (conflicting gps devices)
Breakfast - boiled egg & vegemite toast. Can't recall Lunch. Dinner Lamb shepherds Pie

Plan: Body Pump 6:30PM
Actual: Sore and tired but went anyway. Didn't do awesomely should have taken rest day
Breakfast - boiled egg & vegemite toast. Lunch spicy Sambal Fried Rice (usually a big fan, but this had way too much chilli in it, awful :( ), Dinner chicken stir fry with udon noodles

Plan: Rest
Actual: Rest!
Belvita breakfast biscuits, Yum Cha with work people with tea, Dinner was duck and porcini pasta and 2 ciders. With a hot chocolate to finish it off.

Plan: SSS
Actual: 8km run + SSS.  Had a big nap in the afternoon.  Had an awful night's sleep and found myself naturally awake at 6:30 so I dragged myself out for the pre SSS run.
Breakfast Banana Smoothie, Lunch was pasta with chorizo and kale (bit too oily), a chocolate milkshake and a iced mocha (iced mocha was disappointing), Dinner lamb shoulder with roast potatoes, pumpkin, steamed carrots, corn and broccoli and gravy, sparkling shiraz.

Plan: Rest
Actual: Rest (although lots of walking trying to find bathers!!)
Breakfast - blueberry ricotta pancakes (little disappointing), mocha, missed lunch as shopping took longer than expected, at 5ish I went and had braised beef rib (slow cooked) with two gyozas and asian slaw and white rice (thanks to White Guy Cooks Thai). Also went and had a glass of Pinot Noir in williamstown and part of a flourless orange cake and scoop of ice cream, followed by a hot chocolate.

Missed out on submitting something for this week's challenge.  Shame as I'm sure I had "sweaty workout photos" to post.  Also hadn't visited the site so I still have to catch up on the mindset videos.  Probably because I haven't been eating to the meal plan or doing her workouts I have forgotten to visit the site :(

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