Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cycling week 2

The studio is now on a full timetable and has open ride sessions. They have also installed crx straps for combo cycle/crx classes.

5/2 I was supposed to get up for a 6am class but after being awake from 2-5am I turned off my alarm and opted for a few hours sleep. I had decided I could maybe go to the afternoon class after work but wasn't overly committed. Told my work buddy that I was talking myself out of going so she countered my two excuses so off I went, making it in plenty of time. This was a green jersey class which was supposed to have more speed tracks but still seemed a good balanced class even though I wasn't quite hitting the rpm targets in some of the tracks. It was a warm day and I'd already gotten warm from riding my scooter there. It definitely helps having a workout buddy to give you that nudge when you need it.

6/2 was another afternoon class (as my work buddy was doing a morning release so I figured I'd do what she was signed up for). Was something like 36 degrees so the studio was really hit. There's 3 fans set up but no air con. The instructor was offering to do water bottle refills during the class which I took advantage of! One person ended up being unable to complete the class due to the heat. She would peddle and then just stop so the instructor told her to just head off and stretch. It was a real struggle with the heat!! At least we were being told to back off the pace/effort if we were feeling woozy, etc.. I had forgotten about a work group meeting followed by drinks - so had passed drinking cider and an hours non working time to work and then go to the class. Crazy!! Yellow class.

8/2 my Saturday morning class with Brooke (who I used to work with). She meanly adjusted my fan a few times to bump up the effort (not really ;)).  This time is was a green 40 minutes and 20 minutes of trx. We split into two groups and alternated between mat work and the trx cable work. Including planks, side planks, push ups, bridge alternating legs, and on the cables - hip flexor stretches, pull-ups, side plank type pull up and single leg squats. They need to lower the trx cables in order to do more core work as they were installed too high. They were also saying that when there wasn't a session on you could come in and also use the trx stuff.

I stayed for a coffee and toasted sandwich so had forgotten to turn off my hrm straight away.

They're offering a limited number of $30 a week memberships including a daily coffee. So if I continue I'll be aiming to do at least 2 classes a week if not 3. My work buddy is going almost daily although she has been cycling for awhile. But I think having rest days are useful as my legs felt tired on Thursday night when I'd already cycled on Wednesday. But maybe I'm a bit of a wuss :)

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