Saturday, February 8, 2014

Art of Cycling

So it looks like 2014 will be the year of cycling. I started my month long trial on the Australia Day weekend largely because that's when someone at work was starting their trial too. It helps knowing someone else is going to the same classes!

Art of Cycling is a new specialised studio in Yarraville. All the staff are friendly. There is a cafe section at the front, the cycle room, and an area for stretching and foam rolling. They also have toilets, change rooms and showers.

 The bikes are watt bikes which mean they measure the force on each leg and displays it as a graph. You want an oval shape but often it looks like a peanut or figure 8 when you're pushing more than you're pulling. You also get a zone card for your level of fitness. Certain tracks you're aiming for a certain rpm, other times you need to work in certain zones where you are aiming for a certain watt (power) target range. Often you're so focused on hitting the numbers you don't notice how long the class is going for. 

After 45-50mins you head into the next room for stretching and foam rolling. I swear I have as much sweat dripping off me as when I was doing Bikram yoga. Their motto is to get fitter faster so each class is tough (though you can to at your own pace if you're struggling with the track). They have an online booking system so you can lock in your spot in the class in advance.

The cafe is open in the mornings and if you felt like it you could just drop in for a coffee, breakfast, snack and a bit of a stretch.  Their mochas are awesome :) a reward for working my butt off!

25/1 Saturday - polka dot class, based on hills and slower, power based cycling
(No hrm photo as my battery had gone flat!)
27/1 Monday - public holiday so took advantage of it to go to the 9:30am class. A yellow - mixed class.

29/1 Wednesday - polka dot class
 This is how the studio looks before 6am.

1/2 Saturday - polka dot class

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