Thursday, November 28, 2013

Antigravity yoga - progress

Well I'm now on my second four block series. To be honest the last session of the last block - I really struggled in the class and didn't like it much at all. I just wasn't getting what she was demoing. "Just get into the swoosh... Umm nope but everyone else is in it.. How did they get there" But I signed up again to see if I really didn't like it or it was a one off.

The first session of this series I couldn't attend as I was busy, and the second it took me a little while to get used to being upside down again. There were 2 regulars including me and the other guy was recovering from a cold and I had a stiff neck so we followed the basic plan but still got some good stretches.

Tonight was supposed to be a session with 5. 3 newbies and 2 regulars but 3 people paid and then just didn't show. So we got asked what we wanted to do, I said I had moderate energy and the other guy wanted a good stretch so we did a bunch of stretching and slow conditioning moves. It ended up being really quite hard with a lot of time upside down, back bends, core work, and deep stretches. I still feel like the dunce of the class but can laugh at myself when I get tangled up in my hammock. The teacher lets us go at our own pace so if I'm not feeling right with something I just stay at that level whilst they go a little more complex. I've gotten chatting to the other guy who goes every Thursday, found out he has family in Brazil (so I think that's where he's from), he also works in IT and is looking for a volleyball team to play in. Whilst he's usually silent in class he was actually giving me pointers about a move where I had missed we were supposed to stick our knees out. Made a massive difference to what I was attempting.

I still have a mental thing about doing flips, and sometimes I don't trust the hammock will hold me, and there's still times when I'm not keeping up with the advanced moves like everyone else. But given my first session I couldn't even hang upside down without letting go of my hands holding the hammock I feel I've come a long way. I think I enjoyed tonight's class more as there was less things I couldn't do and it still felt like a hard workout. Plus getting more familiar with the teacher and the other regular guy, the familiarity is nice. Will be interesting to see when classes are offered next year as apparently then the classes will either be relax/rehab/restorative or the harder style of class. But if tonight is anything to go by they'd both be challenging. And she gave us a very cute Christmas present of a little glittery mini note book and pen, (for the regulars).

I still think the cocoon part of the class where you're completely in your hammock and she comes and gives you a push so you have a bit of a swing is the highlight though :) 

Was going to take a break from it and try something else but now will see...


  1. lol! I am the same as you. I went through a stage a few weeks ago where I wasn't too keen on aerial yoga. I wasn't really enjoying it that much, however, I have found lately that I do like it.
    I think that they need to separate the newbies and the regulars as sometimes they take over the class and I kinda feel like I'm not getting my money's worth. However, one class that you missed we didn't have too many newbies and we focused on stretching. I felt amazing afterwards!
    I hope she fixes up the class structure for next year.

    1. Glad its not just me then!! I don't think I would have liked what she'd had in store for us. Some hard sequences including peruvian man, baby diver... stuff I couldn't do without her spotting me. Plus I felt ok about asking her about stuff I'd missed like where she'd grabbed on with her hands before sitting back up.

      Will be interesting to see what her timetable of classes is like next year. I find it a little odd that Thursdays seems to have a low rate of regulars. Would be nice if she kept the levels separate as well as the different class styles. The class you missed last week Alessio and I did the same routine as the beginners as I had a stiff neck and wanted to not go crazy and Alessio was recovering from a cold. So that was really quite slow. But this week's was awesome. I'm sooo sore.