Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week 1 wins

My wins for the week:
- not having a coke zero on Thursday when I'd had bugger all sleep and had to pick a lunch (out of a box of items) for my turtle expedition day. Was really tempted for the caffeine but despite being incredibly tired I didn't need caffeine!
- not drinking lots of alcohol at the work annual it BBQ. I stuck with 2 ciders despite alcohol being freely available.
- I did 3 running sessions this week (not to the plan but better than before :))

What I coud do better:
- I didn't eat 12wbt food as I signed up last minute and didn't get a chance to shop. But my meal plan is all set for next week.

So I doubt I'll be following much of the fitness plan for next week but I do have a plan:
Mon - running session (think I'll follow the speed plan), aiming for 7km again
Tues - free yoga/meditation session at lululemon
Wed - try out thenike running club in the city
Thurs - aerial yoga 
Friday - no plans, will check what's on the plan
Saturday - rest day
Sun - 15km fun run


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