Monday, November 11, 2013

Round 4, day 1

I'm already sore!

So I have a few kgs to lose (again) and really could eat and exercise better than I have been.  This time I'm doing the 10km advanced program - for those who can run 10km but want to go faster. I modified the session a little as it was raining and I didn't want to get my phone out for too long.

I skipped the 5 minute warmup and went straight into the steady jog for 10 mins. Then it was time for running drills (which I couldn't quite remember) but I did 20 knee lifts, 20 glute lifts (on more of an angle),pitter patter steps for 1 minute, slow butt kick walking (not on the program), knee lift stepping (instead of skip steps), I skipped the 3x 50m strides where you're supposed to increase speed progressively. Then onto speed drills. 3x 80% effort x 2 min, followed by 2 min power walking. Then 4x 90% effort x 1 min, followed by 1 min power walk. Though I kinda guessed what effort to run at. I was then supposed to cool down with a 5 minute steady jog. I ran for a little over 10mins. So I covered 7km apart from the running drills bit. Then did heaps of stretching. Hopefully it gets my back feeling better but my leg is a bit achey a few hours on.

I left signing up a little late so I haven't done any shopping yet and didn't plan any of the meals.

Mondays food - fresh bread with Vegemite, half a milo packet with nespresso coffee pod, lunch was 4 steamed dumplings, 3 spring rolls, snacked on a pear, handful of popcorn. Dinner was Pasta bolognese and a slice of mud cake with vanilla ice cream (well I had to taste test the cake I baked). I think I did ok though as I could have eaten more or more fried stuff for lunch. And the mud cake was smaller than I'd typically serve myself! And I ate breakfast which is the first time in awhile.

I didn't sleep well, the only reason I got out of bed when I did was because my bread maker was beeping at me. I also wasn't going to go for the running session when I got home, especially since it was raining but I thought what the hell I'd go for a run. A km or so in and the rain eased up so I figured I'd try doing the proper session.  Different to what I'd usually do and just under 500 kcals burnt.

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