Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nike + run club - session 2 (for me)

So week 2 and it was 32 degrees. I had decided to try riding my scooter to the run rather than catch a train, but got stuck in peak hour traffic and was pretty hot and bothered by the time I got to federation square. I then got more hot and bothered getting out of motorbike gear. Was pretty tempted to head home but figured I'd gotten this. Just do it - right?!

Checked in my gear, signed in and did a small warmup.

 I'd thought that doing the 10km, 7 min pace sounded pretty cruisy. We took off. This time close to the actual pace time (initially 6:48). Yay!! We stopped for water and the run leader waited for everyone to drink which was ace! Unfortunately my hay fever tablet hadn't cleared my nose and I was feeling seriously parched! To the point where it hurt to swallow. There was also stacks of annoying flys. We continued on and I was just in strugglesville, another km or so and up Anderson st hill and another water stop. We then continued on, further away from the starting point. At the tan one girl decided to head back, I should of but persevered until we got to Fawkner park and the group then headed up another hill. I turned the other way and had more water, deciding to head back. A mix of walking and jogging - completing 7.6km instead of the planned 10km.  But I still felt a sense of achievement for actually going running instead of going home, and persevering despite feeling awful. It just wasn't my night.

Why Nike run club is awesome:
- the run leader looked after the group and ran close to pace. 
- they provide free electrolytes and water, and lolly snakes!
- the meeting area is a really comfy place to stretch and hang out after the race
- there a good variety of distance and pace, I know 2 people found the pace a little too quick so headed back to join a 5km group
- the official nike people are nice and friendly. I had one girl ask how my run went as I was enjoying a drink, being encouraging after I mentioned I'd turned around early and also chatted to an organiser about the group, and the nike app and what I did for a living. It's a big reason for heading back next week.
- I first found it odd initially that they used the same event each week by updating the date, but now realise it's pretty handy having it appear in my calendar each week 

What would add to the awesomeness:
- provide some water before the run started (maybe they did and I missed it)
- maybe find someone to provide fruit. How awesome would watermelon be on a hot summers day!
- form the distance groups a little earlier so there's more of a chance to chat to people we'll be running with
- show a course map (so it's less of a mystery how far to go) - although I've only done 1x5km and 1x10km so maybe that's just repeated each week.
- add a Facebook group people can post to, or a dedicated Instagram account that we can tag in our photos to encourage more people to take photos and spread the word

It's a great way to get out there and run even if you're not quite feeling like it :). Keep up the good work nike people!!

Here's some random shots post run.


  1. Good on you for getting out there and running when it was 32 degrees. I probably would not have turned up!

    The Nike Run Club looks awesome! I might come and join you as it would be great to run in a big group. I also like the fact that they have pace groups too. I will come and join you when I am back in Melbourne.

    1. Thanks!! I think I just feel bad for failing at the 10km as the majority of people seemed fine with it. I only saw one girl turn around at the tan which was maybe 1km before me. I should stop comparing myself to others ;)

      I don't find it as chatty as the Lululemon group I went to, but I haven't made much of an effort to chat to too many people. Would be good to have someone to hang out with before/after the race as I'm sure you'll be in the speedy pace group :) And 5 visits and you get a nice black tshirt!