Monday, February 10, 2014

Tough class!

So I managed to get up for this morning's 6am class - even arriving with probably 10 minutes to spare.  Beats frantically trying to get your bike set up as they're trying to get everyone warming up :)

Before the class the instructor came across and introduced himself. I accidentally said I'd done about 3 classes, which is wrong, I've done more like 6-7.  He explained that it would be a high intensity class and if I couldn't hit or maintain the zone to drop the fan number back and still try for the zone/speed..  I was still half asleep so this was a little offputting.

During the first track I was already struggling.  It was like a mid-high number, maintaining a high (for me) speed.   I felt bad as I was often 2 or more fan numbers lower than what he'd said and/or 5-10 rpm below what he was asking for but often I was working at zone 5 (out of 7) so figured I was still working hard. I even hit 120 RPM on the last track at the very end as I knew we were done.  He had said that with the 5-6 hot days that hydration levels probably wouldn't be great.  Given I'd had 3 (small) glasses of sparkling the night before - I'm guessing my hydration really wasn't great :)

The stretching afterwards was painful but good.  The instructor had encouraged us to roll out the legs (on the bikes) and stretch to help minimise lactic acid.  I think that's working as I haven't really had any DOMS apart from when climbing stairs or squatting down - then I notice my legs.  He asked how I found the class afterwards - I told him it was just as well he'd given me the warning as I struggled big time.  He explained that the group had been building since early December so everyone else was pretty regular. But said that after 4 sessions people were generally hitting his targets.  Hopefully that's 4 classes of his.  Not 4 classes in general! :)  My friend was using the right fan setting but was often 5-10 rpm below what he was saying so it wasn't just me.

Calories were lower today but higher fat burning percentage.

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