Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in review

I usually have trouble remembering what I did a week ago let alone what happened in the year. So here are some highlights.

We got puppies!! A puggle called yoshi (who was supposed to be a lapdog but grew really big), and a staffy called bear (who is miniature size and sounds like a shorty pig a lot of the time). Having always been a cat person it's nice to have animals that want cuddles (well bear does at least, yoshi occasionally). My cat is coping a lot better than expected given he's an old grumpy cat. I think I've blocked out how tough having a puppy was - with it's need or attention and crying during the night. Not to mention the initial taking them outside to wee during the night with their small bladders!! They grew up fast though and I'm glad we got two even sometimes it seems like it would be easer with one.

At work one of my good friends got made redundant. An awful day that has hopefully worked out well for her, and forced me to find more lunch buddies to hang with. I got a lot of support in the day which whilst embarrassing was nice. Have settled into work (after starting in November of the previous year) though would be nicer if I didn't keep getting bounced from team to team.

I went and did a street photography course, putting myself out of my comfort zone with a lovely guy Eric kim. Spent a weekend learning stuff then roaming the streets of Melbourne taking photos of people. Met a couple of really nice people who unfortunately live outside of Melbourne but will still catch up with them from time to time. I also learnt how to use more of my camera functionality, and got some nice fireworks shots. Hope to do more of that in 2013. Photography fell a bit by the wayside with bad weather and more time spent getting fit.

We bought a jeep!! A bargain as the person who owned it won it in a tab raffle and just wanted to get rid of it. Hopefully we can use it for many drives, picnics and perhaps a few camping trips.

I did Michelle bridges 12 week body transformation challenge. Although mentally tough I lost at least 5kg on it and made a bunch of new friends. I ran a couple of outdoor workouts and have a few people who are solid workout buddies (as in reliable :)). Am hoping to continue healthy eating habits into 2013 and increase my fitness/workouts. Having joined the local gym with jase (assuming they're not grumpy I still aren't been back to pay - long story). I gave up coke zero!! A big achievement for me as I probably used to drink a litre a day. I also completed the spring into shape series, running 8kms in 2 of the 3 races and completed a 10km run in a time I was doing years ago. So my fitness increased!! I also did a boxing class and cross fit at derrimuts with Alison which I hope to do more of.

Jason stayed in Melbourne on Christmas day despite not seeing his mum and did my family stuff which was nice. Usually we'd either spend it apart or he'd stay in Melbourne if his mum was coming down. Most of our ten years has been apart though for Christmas.

We started getting new furniture for the house and getting rid of old stuff. It's difficult and often includes arguments, but we can now make better use of a few more rooms.

I'm sure i did other stuff but they're the main things i remember. Here's to 2013!

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