Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bob Harper's website

Want to work out with Bob Harper??? Sure you do :)

He has a website where you can do just that (kinda).
Only $9.95 (USD) a month, with a free 7 day trial.

What do you get?
Here's a sneak peek:

We'll start off with the good:

  • 3 fitness circuits a week. (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays - US time).
  • (I think) 4 videos a week.  food, group training, one-on-one training, think well live well
  • Access to Recipes (broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner, extras, and a daily recipe guide that you can print). You can filter by Dietary preference (standard, vegetarian and vegan).
  • Fitness Journal - where you can record journal entries and attach photos.  You can choose to make these private or public.
  • Message Boards - on general discussion, food, exercise and suggestions for the site.
I've mainly been using the site for the videos, occasionally using a circuit (designed to be done with no gym equipment) and made my first recipe the other day.  The videos of bob make it worth it if you're a fan - and I'm a fan.  Plus they're nice short workouts which leave you buggered.  ie. the other day I did a 10-1 workout (where you do 4 exercises, but in rounds of 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1).  I think it took about 13 minutes to complete but I was sore the next day and day after.  I find it odd then that his exercise dvd workouts are all like an hour long.

The not so good:
  • People joining may find it a bit of a mystery without clicking through the site what they're supposed to be doing.
  • The recipe guide only lets you view 4 recipes in a page, and the meal planner that you could add meals to and then print only lets you do it for a single day.  Hence why I haven't cooked many recipes, I get so frustrated with not being able to have see a long list of recipes so I can pick what I want without going through 4 at a time.  I've actually found it nicer referring to the recipes in his My Skinny Rules book.
  • The site development makes me angry.  Its not user friendly and has bugs.  I can't tell what browser it was written for - I think it works best on the ipad - but if you try doing the circuit in the gym, trying to switch between the outline and the how-tos are annoying
  • Currently the staff seem to be on holidays (January 2013) and so they're not answering anyone's enquiries or responding to posts on the message boards.  The videos are apparently being repeated but as I didn't use the site much for months last year I'm not noticing.

So currently I'm debating about continuing to be a member - as I've just started going to the gym, and a lot of the circuits don't let you use the gym equipment as an option (and I don't have room or inclination to be doing donkey kicks at the gym).  But if you're looking for circuits and short video workouts you can do at home its great.  Some of the recipes look good - although it's usually the ones that he presents as part of a video that look more appealing than just looking at the recipe guide.  The message boards are pretty quiet but there are some nice people there (a couple of Australians too!!)

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