Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Popup Yoga Studio - West Melbourne

Inspired by this Broadsheet article and the desire to give "normal" yoga a go (as opposed to Bikram yoga which I was not used to at all). I signed myself up to the 5 week yoga course at the Pop up yoga studio currently in West Melbourne.

It's a small intimate space with room for 6 participants and the instructor Meredith.  We had 5 people last night. It's been awhile since I've done yoga - but the last yoga I did was Bikram, before that Bob Harper's sweaty yoga for the warrior and before that just typical classes at a gym.  So this slow moving class about breathing, noticing textures and how your body is feeling was a lot different. It didn't make my back any worse than what it was (I'd been to the Osteo earlier in the day with a headache) but I'm not sure I got full benefit from the class.  Will be keen to see how it feels next week. It's definitely different so will give it time.

This week's message was on the Infinite.  So at the start of a new year - trusting that you will be challenged but that your skills will get you through.  I'm sure she phrased it better.  But to accept the unknown, and be prepared to attempt things that take you out of your comfort zone.  There was a quote about to seek new shores you have to be willing to lose site of the old ones.  Again I might have gotten that wrong, but the basic message should be captured.

What did we do? (not listed in any particular order and I've probably forgotten stuff)
  • Lying, sitting, standing - focus on breathing.
  • Warrior 3
  • Eagle Pose & Tree - with the crazy arm crossing that I learnt in Bikram :)
  • Rotation of the neck and of the spine
  • Leaning forward with crossed legs (this was where I discovered my ankle bones were hurting)
  • Sun salutations
  • Kneeling with head on the ground (back stretching thing that we also did in Bikram)
  • Relaxation session at the end

Observations from the class:

  • I find it hard to slow down and just breathe
  • Mats should be staggered, as it's not a wide room, standing 3 people alongside one another meant raising your arms to the side. Not a big deal but a little distracting when you can't stand up from a sun salutation properly as you're too close to the person beside you.
  • The mats provided are thin - I think next time I'll try a second layer.  Keen not to bring my own as I'll hopefully be on the scooter rather than paying for car parking.  I did notice my ankle bones were sore sitting cross legged on the floor - which I hadn't noticed before so I think it was the hardness of the floor.
  • My balance is not very good at all.  And in such a small room when one person loses their balance almost everyone was following.  
  • I didn't sleep better because of it although I was bad and started food blogging whilst waiting for my Banana bread to cook.  I did feel more quietness in mind so that's something.
  • There was no correction to technique - although we didn't seem to be doing overly complex stuff, but it was well described as to where things should be placed.
  • There were no mirrors - so it was a little difficult to correct your own posture.
For anyone interested casual classes are $18, 5 weeks are $75 and each course runs for 5 weeks, with a week following for people to make up classes they might have missed on previous weeks. But you do have to contact the studio to check there is space available.

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