Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 goals.. And the plan to get there

Eat healthier and keep active.
I will limit my treats, avoid the snack vending machine at work, stop eating dodgy fast food pizzas, fish and chips and hamburgers. I will take in 3-4 lunches a week to work. I will work out 4 times a week. I will participate in at least 2 group workout sessions a month.  I will walk my dog more.

I will try something out of the ordinary every 6 months.
In both halves of the year I will try something out of the ordinary - be it arial yoga, a group fitness dance class, pole dancing, ice skating or rock climbing.

I will continue to run.
I was originally aiming to run half marathon towards the end of the year but I'll have to see how my back holds up. I will continue to sign up to fun runs and try at least 1 outdoor trail run. I will run at least once a week. I will do the summer series run at the zoo in February, and the grand prix run in March whenever it is.

I will fit into the new clothes I bought.
At the end of 2012, I bought a bunch of small pants, skirt and dress. When I put weight on it goes on my belly. I want to be able to fit into the clothes i just bought and continue looking good in them. I will do this through diet, exercise and by creating a motivation picture board.

I will enjoy the journey.
I'm often too focused on "destinations" to properly enjoy the journey. I will try to remember to live in the present. I will reflect each week on what good has happened or how can I learn from my experiences.

I will learn to let go.
I can remember in vivid detail people who have wronged me and how. I want to learn to let that go so that I can be free of past pain. I will do this through reading, application of theory and meditation. I will listen to at least 1 meditation session a week. I can get angry but must let it pass.

I will organize more catchups.
I will make more of an effort to organize catchups with my friends and see my family more. I will organize 1 dinner a month with friends (or drinks) and catchup with family members at least every 2 months. I will continue to accept social invites that previously I would have declined.

I will use the stuff I buy.
I'm such a classic buy and save for a special occasion be it candles, nice underwear, makeup, etc. So I end up with things not getting used. I will start making more of an effort doing this at least once a month.

I will use my recipe books.
Tied into the last item. I have so many recipe books. Some of which I have never cooked from. I will make sure once a month I use a recipe from either a magazine or book.

I will use my camera.
I will set myself an assignment every month to ensure I continue to use my camera. I will start printing out photos for an album. I will have this started by march.

I will learn a new skill.
I will set myself a goal to learn a new technical thing for work every six months. I will relearn how to play classical guitar, and will sew something before July.

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